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GTA DataTech (originally known as TLA DataTech) was founded in 2017 by Kam. Nas later joined his mission to promote the understanding of the value of data. 

Having worked in the data industry for many years, they have become all too familiar with the disconnect between the business and the technical side of data. DataTech was formed to help bridge that gap.

With Shirley as the latest addition to the team and Co Lead for DataTech in the DACH region, TLA DataTech evolved into GTA DataTech aiming to connect all aspiring data experts and tech leaders together, around the globe. We are forming an international network to help us share knowledge and learn from each other to tackle challenges across industries. 

Global Tech Advocates is a network of 16 sibling organisations comprising over 12,000 tech leaders, experts and investors around the world.

Headquartered in London, it connects the global tech ecosystem, from business leaders and founders to investors and teachers, in an inclusive community.

Proudly independent, private sector-led and not backed by the government, Global Tech Advocates finds solutions to the challenges faced by tech companies internationally. We unify the private tech sector and speak with a consistent voice to influence policy and inspire change.

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meet the team

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kam rafique

Kam has worked in Data & Analytics since 2002 at companies such as Microsoft, Disney, Expedia, Sky, BBC, Fidelity Investments and BT. He founded Venturr, AnalyticsList as well as TLA DataTech.

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nas radev

Nas loves data and wants everyone to learn about data! Nas is CEO at Infinite Lambda, a data consultancy specialising in data engineering and machine learning and is an alumni of Imperial College, London.

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shirley chhen

Shirley works relentlessly on becoming the ultimate data translator, helping businesses and organisations to thrive through data transformation.

She is ex-Bloomberg and has work experience in the Automotive and e-Commerce industry. In her free time, she is mentoring at Code4Covid and loves gardening.

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Josh is all about building community & connectivity in the data world. His work life see’s him build teams that use data, machine learning & artificial intelligence to deliver transformative outcomes for enterprise organisations. Outside of work you can find him cycling around the hills of Kent.

Josh walker

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